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Recently I heard people talking about the high amount of rain fall in India. Almost all the regions in India received more than average centimeters of rain. And till recent few days, it was a hot topic among people. I got a big surprise when I heard some people talking to me and try to prove that there is nothing like global warming. They were ridiculously showing the amount of rain fall and asking what happened to the “Global Warming?” I got surprised about the ignorance of those people about the duties of human towards the nature. They were trying to say that the global warming phenomena is false since there is a lot of rain. But when we look at the actual statistics, we find that the rain fall occurred during this season is way more than the average rain fall, which too is a sign of dis balance in the natural cycle of weather. I was more surprised because one of them is a journalist and works in the local news paper. If the person responsible for spreading awareness among common mass will be obscure about the environmental problems than how could the people know about it.

Scientists have measured the amount of ice that melts from the polar caps each year. The results which they found are not new. Each year there is a huge increase in the amount of ice which is melting. Every year several thousands of tons of water is added to the sea’s and ocean’s. This increased amount of water into the ocean’s leads to the increased amount of water in the water cycle. Thus there is more water vapor in air, more clouds and when it starts raining in a region it continues to rain resulting in increased rain fall.


The problem described here is just a single problem among the chain of problems that are caused due to over interference of humans with the nature. There are many organizations that are trying to reduce the adverse effect which humans leave on this planet. But they are negligible as compared to the damage caused by us on this planet.

Sometimes I compare humans with viruses, bacteria’s and parasites. When they (virus) enter into the body of any organism, it starts reproducing itself. When its number reaches a certain level, the organism in which they entered starts to feel sick. If no proper medication is given to kill those harmful bacteria’s, than they will continue to increase their number causing more and more damage inside the body and ultimately causing the death of the organism. Are our actions not similar to that of those bacteria’s and viruses? We are living on this planet, taking everything we need to survive but in return we are degrading it. In a way this planet is dying a slow death and being the only “intelligent” living creatures on this planet it is our responsibility to guard this planet and its eco system.


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