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Arduino Clock

This is one of the projects which I did in past few months. Due to work load I was not able to write about it, but now I will be discussing about this and some other projects in my subsequent blogs which I made during earlier this year.

Arduino clock has an advantage that it can retain its time even when the power is shut down. It is possible because of DS 1307 real time clock (RTC). DS 1307 is an amazing easy to use ic. The circuit is simple and data is transferred using I2C communication. Don’t worry Arduino has a built in library for I2C communication. Let’s see the pin configuration of DSS 1307.


The wiring diagram is shown below:-


It requires a crystal of 32.768 KHz. I found a website that has a very good description , so I am giving you the link of the website. Click here.

It has all the necessary information regarding the code. The article is made for some Spark fun’s module, but the code given can be used with the above circuit also.


Hope some of you might have been benefited from this information.


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