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Dr. Hardia – Eye Specialist

Today there was an appointment of my grandfather with the doctor. My grandfather, Dr. L.N.Lal  is also a doctor but he is veterinary doctor.  He needed some checkup of his eyes because he was having some trouble to see, especially in the dark. The doctors of Ratlam (my home town) said he needs an operation, but we thought to take suggestion from Dr. Hardia also, as he is a very famous doctor in India.

About Dr. Hardia, he is a very famous eye doctor. People far away from different parts of the country also come to him for surgery and treatment of their eyes. He is basically a surgeon and also has a world record in doing surgery. He did around 470850 surgeries  from the year 1966 to 1999. This made his world record.

He is very fond of animals. He also made a small zoo at his hospital which is in Rau, Indore. I took pictures of some of the animals like rabbit, pigeon, an ostrich like bird and some lotus flowers. The images are shown below:

An Ostrich like bird (I don’t know its name):


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An unknown bird (It was like hen but a bit bigger in size and beautiful in design):

Some lotuses:

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3 comments on “Dr. Hardia – Eye Specialist

  1. Indian Health Guru
    June 21, 2012

    This is really a wonderful information. I do not understand why people
    neglect their small eye problems.
    Eye is the most important part of our body.
    No one can imagine himself or herself without
    eye. We have to take care of it. We have to check
    our eyes regularly from reputed doctor rather
    than from optical centre.

    Regards : Eye Surgeons and Hospitals in India

    • Abishai
      June 21, 2012

      You are right, our eyes also need special care…..

  2. Loan Metos
    November 4, 2012

    Eye doctors are really needed if you want to maintain the health of your eye and properly evaluate eye health.*

    Our own blog

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