Providing Smart Technology Solutions

Hey every one…..

Hello guys, my name is Abishai. I am a young electronic graduate engineer.

Since, i completed my graduation recently, i am in search of  a job. Today, when i was searching on internet, i some thing new which is called “freelancer”. The freelancers are those people which are boss of their own, i mean they have their own work and they do not work for any company or organization. I liked this idea very much, so i started it by creating my own blog.

Since i am a science student and learned science all these years of my life, i created this blog to share knowledge about science and technology.

I will be introducing you guys with the latest research and gadgets available in the market along with some interesting knowledge about them.

Also my hobby is to make electronic devices and stuff which work in some cool way, so i will also be sharing all these things with you. I hope you will like all those new ideas and enjoy them.

Hope you will find some useful things in my blog….


One comment on “Hey every one…..

  1. Srinibas
    October 12, 2012

    Good Job… all the best for your life….

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Providing Smart Technology Solutions

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